While most of us grew up associating dogs with only bones and bacon and seeing cats as the real fisherman, studies have shown that dogs actually love fish, maybe even more than their feline counterparts.


Along with the excitement of switching up flavors, fish is also highly beneficial for your dog’s health. If you’re interested in learning about a fun and healthy alternative treat for your dog, here is all that you need to know.

History of Fish and Dogs

Dogs are the descendants of wolves, which are known to be hunters and scavengers when it comes to finding food to eat. Wolves survived by being able to find food wherever possible, which included doing a bit of fishing from time to time.


Eventually, the domesticated dogs as we know today evolved from the care and nourishment of humans. So, as humans discovered the tasty option of fish as another food source rather than always hunting land animals, dogs soon followed suit. The tempting smells of even the fish scraps allured dogs into continuing to feast on the leftovers from humans. So naturally, the love of fish for dogs dates back thousands of years.

Health Benefits of Fish for Dogs

Not only is the love of fish in dogs’ blood, but it also has a surprising amount of health benefits for our canine friends. The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish meat have been proven to reduce inflammation and also encourage the growth of full, shiny coats of hair. Fish also contain high amounts of vitamins such as iron, potassium, and calcium that are essential for your dog’s healthy lifestyle.


Another benefit of incorporating fish into a dog’s diet is that it can be a healthy treat alternative for canines who may suffer from allergies. Some of the most common food allergens for dogs are beef, dairy, and wheat. On the other hand, fish is listed as one of the least common dog food allergens. Since there's still no way to effectively communicate with your dog to find out if they are allergic to the food you've been feeding them, the best way you can combat allergies for your dog is to stay on the safe side and stick to food and treats that have the least allergen possibilities.

Why Dogs Like Fish

Not only do these health benefits appeal to dogs and dog owners around the world but also dogs love the rich and potent smells of this tasty meal. As many dog owners know far too well, their pets will want just about anything they see their humans eating. As many of us include fish in our diets, it’s natural for our pets to be interested as well.


It's important when you feed fish to your dog to start slowly so as not to disrupt their sensitive stomach with this new change. It's also important to stay away from raw fish and fish bones as those can both be deadly for your beloved pet.


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